Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coren v McVety

I spent the early evening going through blogs and tweets and news reports about today's sex ed protest at Queen's Park. It was a sickening show of anger and yelling and whole cloth fabrication. This "We Say No!" and "Our Children! Our Choice!" chanting is the adult equivalent of sticking fingers in ones ears and saying, "I can't hear you."

I'm now beyond caring about the frustration and confusion about the changes to the curriculum. The document has been out for weeks. It can be read. Michael Coren read it and pronounced it far from treacherous or doctrinaire.

There were some images today that were both disturbing and telling. From CHCH News video:
They were loud and some of them were angry, “I’m a bible believing man, and I believe God made us male and female for a start off so I don’t want any lesbian teaching my grandchildren how to behave.”
And this:

And this:

And then there was this. A showdown between broadcaster and author Michael Coren and Charles McVety, the driving force behind today's spectacle of hatred and shouting. A twenty-minute slug-fest in which the once-very-conservative Mr Coren calls out Mr McVety for his hijacking of Christian faith. To put it more plainly, Coren smacked McVety like three-year-old at Kmart. 

The exchange can be viewed at 1:38 minutes on Power and Politics with Evan Solomon. Apologists for evangelist will prattle on about the biased liberal media, the #gaystapo pile-on (although Michael Coren is straight), but it was high time this intellectual light-weight and academic poseur got his just desserts from a smart Christian who had enough of his crap. In doing this, Coren also blew away McVety's posse that joined him at the podium at Queen's Park today. 

And Michael Coren made a meal of the lot of them.

Update: Here's the segment on its own.

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