Monday, April 13, 2015

Grassroots protest? Not buying it.

Thorncliffe Parents Association -- March 14, 2015

Organizers of various protests against the 2015 Ontario Ministry of Education Health & Physical Education curriculum have gone to great pains to tell us they are grassroots citizen activists. Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley say so too. And this is what we are to expect of the protest scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th at Queen's Park. This event is brought to you by My Child My Choice, which also has a website, and they also say they are grassroots, not religious zealots, and don't have a homophobic bone in their body. 

And that may be the case. I suspect a lot of folks are turning up entirely of their own volition. And I don't think the Province has communicated effectively with them. And if they have concerns, good on them for lifting their voices.

But I have my doubts about the leadership.

Because look who's advertising the event -- Campaign Life Coalition

And look who's speaking.

MyChildMyChoice committee organizers including Sam Sotiropoulos -- former TDSB Trustee who became famous for his appropriation of the word homosexist

Teresa Pierre, Parents As First Educators -- Catholic parent advocate who's petitioned against GSAs, HPV shots, and OECTA at Pride.

Charles McVety, Institute for Canadian Values -- who's been staying away from public events on the sex ed curriculum until now.

Monte McNaughton, former PC Leadership contender -- used the curriculum to launch his campaign with an appearance on 100 Huntley Street.

Patrick Brown, PC Leadership contender (tentative due to schedule conflict)

Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition -- a frequent guest of the former Sun News Network.

Parents from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds -- I presume these are the grassroots folks.

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