Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Making the Case for Comprehensive Sex Education

I know. 

This was Rob Ford's last interview before going in for major surgery. 

And I'm a terrible person for posting this. 

Councillor Ford sat down for "an exclusive one-on-one" interview with TheRebel's Ezra Levant on May 7th. At the eight-minute mark, Ez asks Ford his thoughts on the 2015 Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

What could go wrong?

WARNING: Coarse language.

Ezra Levant: I'm surprised at the story of the sex ed curriculum. I read in the paper the other day that 35,000 kids stayed home in some parents-students strike in the sex ed curriculum Kathleen Wynne is putting in.
Rob Ford: It makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me absolutely sick. I have two kids -- one in grade two; one in grade four. My one in grade two and my other one in grade four should not be talking about what anal sex is or what a blowjob is. This is what they're teaching these kids. That makes me sick. I told my kids, "If they start talking like that, walk out." And you know what, it's for the parents to teach 'em at the appropriate time. And not when they're in grade two and not when they're in grade four. They should be teaching 'em how to read and write and arithmetics. It makes me sick to my stomach and that's why I supported Monte McNaughton, because Monte was the candidate who said he would get rid of it. It turns my stomach.
I don't suppose that there is any point in telling RebelMedia viewers that the word "blowjob" appears nowhere in the curriculum, and that oral and anal sex are discussed in the context of abstinence, and in the Intermediate grades. 

Or that this is the same former Mayor who told a City Hall scrum -- live on air -- that he had "enough to eat at home."

Rob Ford introduces Monte McNaughton / Photo from Blogwrath
Addendum -- May 18, 2015.

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