Monday, May 18, 2015

Mayor John Tory at #IDAHOTB

John Tory isn't the first Chief Magistrate of Toronto to embrace the role of LGBTQI ally. That would be pre-amalgamation Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall, who marched in Pride as both a City Councillor and Mayor. (As a lawyer, Ms Hall had defended men arrested and charged as found-ins in the infamous 1981 bathhouse raids in Toronto.) Her successor Mel Lastman, was a reluctant participant at first, but soon got into the fun. David Miller marched with the Chief of Police.

But Mr Tory, no stranger to Pride, seems right at home at #IDAHOTB.

John Tory at IDAHOTB 2015 / Photo: Gordon Nore.
More so than his predecessor.

Rob Ford at IDAHOT 2013 / Photo: NOW Toronto
Some interesting reading in this 2012 NatPo piece -- Newsmaker: How does Rob Ford's Pride Parade attendance compare to past mayors?

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