Saturday, May 2, 2015

Toronto Star calls out leaders of anti-sex ed movement

The Toronto Star editorial of Friday, May 1st, 2015, Ontario must stay the course on sex education, marks the second time recently that a major media outlet has called out Charles McVety on his fear mongering over the 2015 Ontario Health & Physical Education curriculum. The first was when author and broadcaster Michael Coren made a hearty meal of the evangelist on CBC's Power and Politics

Here's what The Star had to say:
Meanwhile, anti-sex education monger Charles McVety, leader of the Institute of Canadian Values, is twisting the curriculum’s new focus on “consent” by saying that “teachers will be forced to teach little children how to give permission for that child to engage in sex.” The curriculum actually teaches kids how to say “no” and to understand the concept of consent before engaging in sex.
McVety is no newcomer to the anti-sex ed camp. He so successfully whipped up opposition to the curriculum when it was first proposed in 2010 that Wynne’s predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, put the course on the back burner. That left teachers to work with study materials that hadn’t been updated since 1998 — when there were no smart phones, “sexting” hadn’t been invented and the issue of consent was not raised.
Now McVety is back. He was one of the leaders of the Queen’s Park protest in April, declaring: “We don’t send our kids to school to be taught masturbation.” (The new sex ed material doesn’t teach anything like that.)
 The Star editorial concludes:
In the end, Ontario’s new sex education curriculum is well-researched, well-planned, age-appropriate and long overdue.
The government should debunk the misunderstandings and misinformation, and then carry on with its plans to introduce this important change.
Problem is, there is a contingent of people opposed to the curriculum who don't care what it really says. As long as there are folks who believe that the LGBTQ community is a recruiting machine; that the curriculum document has been carefully crafted to sexualize children; and that a lesbian has no business running the Province -- no amount of debunking will be enough.

I hope Premier shows the courage her predecessor lacked and pushes through.

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